Special LGBTQ Legal Defense & Education Fund Established

There is a pressing issue affecting the transgender community in Kentucky. The recent passage of SB-150 by the KY General Assembly has launched a direct attack on the rights and well-being of transgender individuals. This legislation, characterized by its reactionary, cruel, and discriminatory nature, demands our immediate attention and united action.

SB-150 effectively denies transgender youth in Kentucky access to vital gender-affirming care. Numerous studies have demonstrated that gender-affirming medical treatments, such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy, have a profound positive impact on the mental health of young people with gender dysphoria. By restricting these life-saving treatments, SB-150 effectively endangers the lives of Kentucky children.

This bill goes even further by prohibiting discussions and educational programming on gender identity and sexual orientation in schools. It effectively erases the existence of transgender individuals and prevents children from learning about the gender spectrum. By denying the science and reality of gender identity and sexual orientation, SB-150 not only harms young people struggling with these issues but also deprives all children of essential knowledge about diverse gender identities, impeding their ability to become informed and empathetic adults.

While you may be aware that the ACLU has filed a lawsuit challenging SB 150’s removal of gender-affirming care for trans youth, we, at JustFundKY, are part of another suit addressing the educational oppression of LGBTQ youth under this bill. To support gender and sexual freedom in the Commonwealth, we have committed $100,000 of our future earnings. However, we cannot do this alone. We need your help.

Please consider making a contribution to our cause here https://JustFundKY.org/donate. Your donation will make a tangible difference and help us protect the rights and well-being of the transgender community. Together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for all.