JustFundKY Receives Legacy Gifts

JustFundKY has always been about the long haul. We know that fairness for all LGBTQ Kentuckians will not be achieved overnight. We need to keep our education efforts on track for many years to come. That’s why we have created the Cliff Todd Endowment–to have a perpetual funding stream for education efforts for the next generation and beyond.

Our Legacy Group was formed to promote long term giving. Individuals who earmark a part of their estate to JustFundKY are members of the Group. No matter how large or small the donation, it is a way to leave an incredible gift for the next generation.

This year we celebrate the life of Jack Burch and his legacy gift of $10,000 to JustFundKY. Jack was a long time advocate for the disadvantaged. As the Executive Director of Community Action he assisted countless Central Kentucky families who were in need of help. Jack was a fierce advocate for the poor. His advocacy was always thoughtful, intelligent and effective. Jack believed in fairness for all and testified in support of the Fairness Ordinance in Lexington. With respect to his legacy donation, his partner Lanny Adkins said: “Jack was a patient and very loving person who wanted to do good. He was dedicated to improving our society and appreciated JustFundKY’s contribution to that mission”. We are indebted to Jack Burch for his great work and generosity.

This year we have also received a $3,000 donation in honor of Federal Judge John Heyburn of Louisville. Judge Heyburn was a very well respected Judge who ruled that Kentucky’s ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Upon his passing, a former Kentuckian Rebecca Westerfield, who now lives in San Francisco with her wife, sent the contribution to JustFundKY as way to honor Judge Heyburn’s legacy for equal rights. What a fitting tribute! These generous contributions will help us continue our work and help us get a little closer to our goal for fairness for all LGBTQ Kentuckians.