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Our History

In 2006, JustFundKY was created to build an endowment to promote fairness for LGBTQ Kentuckians. JustFundKY was not created to do any programming itself. Instead, the goal has always been to support the many community groups that are fighting for fairness and equality around the state. We help fuel the LGBTQ movement in Kentucky by providing financial support to those who are carrying on the fight. The initial goal was to raise one million dollars and to use the annual earnings to fund education work around the state.

Cliff Todd was instrumental in our initial effort: he pledged $500,000 towards our goal if we could match his gift dollar for dollar. This was accomplished in four years with the help of hundreds of volunteers, some fabulous events and many good corporate citizens.

As soon as the endowment reached the million dollar mark, JustFundKY began awarding annual grants from its earnings. The principal of the fund is permanently preserved and invested with the Bluegrass Community Foundation. Only the earnings are used each year for grant-giving purposes.

Each year grant requests are received, reviewed and awarded based on standards to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Realizing that the needs in Kentucky are still great, JustFundKY adopted a new strategic plan in 2017 to increase the endowment to $5 million dollars. With the help of individual donations, both large and small and the use of planned giving, we will reach our new goal. Our endowment building campaign has been recognized by the Out in the South Initiative, a consortium of national LGBTQ Funders. JustFundKY has been awarded a $50,000 development grant to help us with our effort to promote planned giving among the LGBTQ community.