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The Good We Do

JustFundKY started in 2006 with the dual mission of reducing discrimination through high-profile public events showcasing the positive contributions of LGBTQ persons, and by funding the educational efforts of other organizations to increase awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ community. Just Fund Education Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) doing business as JustFundKY.

JustFundKY is still a growing organization. As we increase our multi-million-dollar fund for justice, we are committed to providing a responsible and engaged face for Lexington's LGBTQ community. Our events do not just involve our community, but also reach out to and engage our allies all across the Commonwealth.

Our sponsorship and ad sales provide an outlet for the business community to speak directly to the LGBTQ community, and we provide oft-ignored evidence of the true and strong buying power within the LGBTQ community. These opportunities for businesses to align with our cause strengthen both the cause and the businesses involved.

As JustFundKY moves forward, we hope to expand the visibility and reach of our efforts as we fund the actions of those with dreams of a just and equal Kentucky.