2024 Funds Allocated to Support Anti-LGBTQ Legal Challenge

Kentucky’s public educational institutions face a crisis enforcing 2023 Senate Bill 150, particularly regarding the treatment and safety of LGBTQ students across the state.  SB 150 dismantles previous policies of Fayette County schools which supported the diverse needs of students, and forces all public school systems in Kentucky to adopt policies that blatantly undermine the well-being of students.

In response to these challenges, JustFundKY, a nonprofit organization striving to improve the lives and safety of LGBTQ individuals in Kentucky, is backing a lawsuit filed against Fayette County Schools.  JustFundKY is channeling 100% of its 2024 grant funds into supporting legal action against these harmful policies. Your support in this fight is vital. If you’re ready to stand up for justice, please consider contributing to the lawsuit at https://justfundky.org/donate/.  Your voice matters.