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Six Weeks of “JustFun” Parties!

We did it! And now it is time to celebrate… And raise some more money! After four years of relentless fundraising efforts, thanks to YOU and our diligent team of volunteers, we have achieved our goal of raising $1,000,000.00 to counter LGBT discrimination in Kentucky. The Cliff Todd Endowment Fund is named after the generous benefactor who sparked the fundraising drive with a $500,000.00 matching grant. Your time and money have helped us move closer to having a Kentucky that offers fairness and justice to EVERYONE.

That's why this year JustFundKY decided to celebrate for six weeks! Six weeks of "JustFun" Dinner Parties will be hosted at homes all over the State celebrating the efforts YOU, our Volunteers, the generosity of our Sponsors, and the commitment of Mr. Cliff Todd. This is where you come in. We would like you to be a Dinner Host!